In the big yellow reception building, which we call Holmen, we have 6 rooms for rent.
There are rooms with 2-6 beds with the option to set additional beds if you want.

Upstairs, there is a kitchen, shower and toilet.
There is a large room with tables and chairs and a private area with TV and sofa.

On the ground floor of Holmen, there is an apartment with 4 + 1 bedsa large kitchen, toilet and TV.

Lena´s Kök och bar
Restaurant in the mainbuilding
at Särna Campsite.

Mon-Thur  11-15
Friday          11-22
Saturday    11-22
Sunday        11-18

The reception has the same
openinghours as the restaurant!
Welcome to call or E-mail if you have

070-333 05 18
070-333 53 59

Mail –